As a child, I grew up regularly visiting my Grandmother’s house in Berkshire. She had a garden room filled with silica sand and the musty scent of dried flowers. I will never forget the thrill of going in there with her, being allowed to delve my hand into the soft, warm sand and the wonder of pulling out the most exquisite, perfectly dried flower stem.

From her, my mother inherited a love of flowers and flower arranging, which she, in turn, passed on to me. Although they never called themselves florists, the rooms I grew up in were always filled with the most glorious scents and shapes – mostly sourced from the gardens they tenderly cultivated.

My husband and I moved to Norfolk thirteen years ago to restore a dilapidated house, which came with a wild and neglected garden. Here, while spending hours toiling the soil, uncovering hidden pathways and borders, I discovered my own passion for growing flowers, and where I started messing around with arranging them. And so, I have developed what feels like an innate love for and curiosity about flowers and floral design passed on to me by my family.

Although I have my own style, I enjoy working closely with clients, hearing their thoughts and tapping into their creative flair, sourcing pictures and ideas to come up with the perfect vision for their event, whether it be a launch, wedding, or simple dinner party.

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